Living Room Decor

Living Room Decor

We are 97% finished with our apartment although I’m hoping this time next year we shall be house hunting…ya girl wants to own a house already! BUT in the meantime I love our new apartment, it’s literally 3x bigger than our Brooklyn one. This time around, decorating felt different. I wanted to decorate with intention. Keeping everything organized and buying pieces that worked together was my main priority. I have this bad habit of buying random things and once it’s time to move to the next place, we end up donating everything -_-

So this time as stated, it was different! We opted to create a cozy environment that allowed me to constantly feel inspired. Here are the pieces we got, I tried to link everything for you guys:

The sofas from Burrow were perfect for the layout of the apartment. I’m happy I opted for the Navy Blue and the Grey Armchair. We then added their pillow trio and it worked great with the colors as well.

I’m not that crafty when it comes to doing things with my hands, like this marble paper for the coffee table idea. This idea was birthed purely on my budget gal mindset and even though I’ve listened to all your suggestion’s on how to get rid of the air bubbles, it ain’t work sis. Therefore I gotta get over it because they’re barely noticeable!

The side table was from Home Goods, but here’s a similar one from Target: CLICK ME. I also used the marble paper to match the coffee table.


Next up is this 5x7 rug that was only $50 at Home Goods, SHOOK. Unfortunately Home Goods doesn’t sell online, so here’s a LINK to one from the same brand.


Another cool thing I came across was this planter stand that is adjustable from Amazon. My plant pot was 10 inches and as it grows the plant stand can be adjusted to be 12 inches in width.

I love this lamp from Target, matched perfectly with the side table.

Frames from Framebridge

TV entertainment center from Ikea

Cactus planter and bigger planter from Amazon

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