Weekend Getaway: Miami

Weekend Getaway: Miami

Weekend getaway in Miami for my girl, Natalia's 30th birthday! Natalia and I have been friends for about 5 years, almost as long as I have lived in NY. I know her to be a very hard working individual who likes to forget about herself a lot, so I embarked on a mission to get her out of the office and into the beach and I was not taking no for an answer! She agreed and here we are on a blog post showcasing to you our favorite memories from our trip.

We linked up with her sister and our other friend on a Thursday night, we only stayed till Sunday night, but that’s all we really needed.

The weather was as the kids say… on point, who am I kidding, I say that too. First place we went to for breakfast was Yard House, super close to the beach and it was such a perfect way to start our trip. There was both indoor/outdoor seating, the waiters were friendly and the DEVILED EGGS were bomb.

White Swimsuit Buttons: Amazon | Black Beach Cover Up: Khoul Outfit

Headed over to Soho House, we laid out, snapped some pictures and enjoyed some afternoon lunch. This is a very exclusive place, definitely something I’d never get in without the help of my lovely Colombian friend who knew someone who was a member there. I felt spoiled for sure, as this isn’t normal for me, I’m a budget girl…. But when in Miami, right?

Swimsuit: Amazon | Top: Khloul Outfit

Fast forward to day 2, we headed out to find a good taco spot and came across Huahuas Taqueria. I ended up with a Taco Salad, which by the way was very tasty!

I’m not a big club girl like I use to be... overcrowded, long lines and the stuffiness of it all makes me feel uncomfortable. However, SLS with the girls was so fun! Letting loose and jamming out in a bikini on a hot November day isn’t something I say no to. I love when women embrace each other, shout out to the girls who invited us to their table to hang out with them. Turns out they were from Brooklyn, who would have thunk?! The world can be so small sometimes!

Swimsuit: Lola Mia Bikini

Dinner time was at Tacology, guys… these were the fanciest tacos I have ever eaten! I clearly wasn't living my best life till now. The ambiance, the large projector showing music videos and obviously the food were all so fun and amazing. However, the most eventful part of the night was losing the car for 2 hours and finally finding it 3 parking garages later.

Dress: Shop Tobi - Tobi.com

The 3rd day was bittersweet, I enjoyed the brunch from KYU, which was located in Wynwood, a very artisty part of Miami. Sang Natalia Happy Birthday for a third time, I mean she did turn 30. And just like that we headed to the airport to come back to brick city NY. Miami was fun, I use to live in Tampa, Florida for a good portion of my life and it was fun coming back to Florida to enjoy it’s beautiful weather.

Jumpsuit: Zara | Lipstick: Maybelline Vivid Matte



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