Sunday, September 24, 2017

Chicago Bound

Chicago, you were so fun! In a lot of ways, Chicago reminded me of New York. It almost felt as if Chicago was a much slower version of New York. With far less people residing there, I can see why streets and trains were much cleaner. However, I do think New York, despite it's massive amount of transit users could definitely go for an update.

I had a few days off from work and decided to take a short trip to Chicago, 3 full days is all I pretty much needed to inhale all the food and take all the pictures. I did the cliché things every tourist does and saw THE BEAN and went up to their largest building aka Willis Tower. However I did not partake in the usual food photography so you'll just have to take my word for it when I list out a few restaurant options for you!

I knew it was going to be hot in Chicago, but man was I not expecting it to be THAT HOT. It was 90-94 degrees everyday I was there. I opted for stylish number's that would allow me to appreciate the wind in-between my fabrics. From fishnet style dresses, sheer tops that were breathable and low cut dresses so the tata's could get a breeze or two too.

Aside from eating, I also indulged in LOTS of shopping via N. Michigan Ave, now you're probably thinking why shop in Chicago, when you live in NYC? Well, time restrains don't assist in finding bomb items to purchase. I was on vacation in Chicago and had the time to shop till I dropped, but mostly because of the heat.

Places to eat that I'd recommend you trying out:

Lou Malnati's Pizza - YUMMY pizza! Deep dish on point, I really loved the food there.
Beatrix - Lovely staff and such a good breakfast spot, I'd like to have sat outside for lunch, but didn't want to eat at the same place twice.
Paddy Long - Talk about bacon overload, I had the Buffalo Chicken for the main course and the bacon grenade as an app and it was sooo good.
Kafenio Chicago - I was in a frappuccino craze this past week, so I fulfilled my coffee dreams here.


Stripped Top: H&M, Light Jeans: Fashionnova - XOstylefeen for a discount, Shoes: Converse
Stripped Dress: Honeybum - stylefeen for a discount, Shoes: Target
Pink Fishnet Dress: Boohoo, Shoes: Converse
Black crop top: H&M, Orange Skirt: H&M
Sheer Hoodie: Honeybum - stylefeen for a discount, Dark Jeans: Uniqlo, Shoes: H&M

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