Monday, August 28, 2017


Afropunk this year much like last year was filled with cultured beauties and black power. This year felt a little bit different, maybe it's because lot of the tragedies that are happening coincided with the time that this particular festival took place. There was definitely an energy that showcased taking back the power that continues to be taken from POC.

Afropunk is one of my favorite festivals because it's a space in which POC can show their style, embrace one another and express themselves however they'd like all while feeling safe. 

There's obviously the usual festival complaints, with large crowds come shoving and impatience, but all and all everyone was respectful. This year I came fully prepared to avoid long lines so I made sure to bring snacks and water to keep from passing out.

Saturday was the busiest day due to acts like Solange, SZA, Willow Smith, etc who brought in a huge crowd. 

Sunday was a cooler day with a lot less attendees, which felt more intimate to me.

I was there for the 2 days photographing all the beautiful faces for There was definitely a flower trend this year, lots of unique and funky styles that I wish I thought of for myself, maybe next year!

Photos were taken by me, please tag @stylefeen if you repost.

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oohhh wow!! This festival is so amazing. I have never known about this before. it looks like people are portraying their own different region and their respective cultures, making everything so unique