Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dippity-do Girls with Curls

So as all of us curlies know, the never ending need to try out new products never stops. I can have my regimen down to a T and still feel this burning desire to try something new out. Since our hair goes through these phases of different needs given the weather change or recent dye job, our hair needs different things at different times. So of course I’m always down to try new things and give it a proper review. I had the pleasure of reviewing a brand called Dippity-do Girls with Curls, the packaging itself left me very excited to try out these curly hair products. I don’t wear too much pink, but I can appreciate the color because it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

The whole line has me quite impressed to be honest. I used the Curl Shampoo and Conditioner and I gotta say the combination of shea butter and coconut oil was clutch for my recently dyed hair. My hair, even before I went blonde, always screamed for moisture and these products really quenched my hair’s never ending thirst. It’s important to start a good wash day with a shampoo that does not strip your hair of its natural oils and a conditioner that really aids your hair of split ends and frizz without leaving build up.

Moving on to styling, I used their Curl Defining Cream in combination with their Curl Boosting Mousse. I absolutely hate styling products that are sticky or leave my hair oily, but these stylers were perfect. It left my hair feeling defined and soft with minimal frizz. They both had a very manageable consistency so I was about to evenly distribute product with no issues at all. So all and all, I’d recommend these products, they’re priced relatively very inexpensive and they come in decent sized bottles which should last you months depending on how many times you wash your hair/style.

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