Sunday, February 12, 2017

My Micropigmentation Experience

Who else is over filling in their eyebrows everyday and dreaming about Cara Delevingne's eyebrows wishing they were yours? *Raises hand*​ Me! So today on the blog I wanted to share with you about a procedure that I had the pleasure of indulging myself in.

So let’s get educated shall we? Eyebrows are the frame for your eyes and face, when designed properly; they can lift the eyes for a more youthful appearance. The procedure called "Mircropigmentation" fills and defines the shape of your eyebrows giving it a more softer look than pencil shaping. This procedure is perfect if your eyebrows are sparse from tweezing or shaving. The Feather Hair-Stroke Technique​ is the newest revolutionary 3-D effect for semi-permanent make-up eyebrows, and is great for filling in the sparse areas of the brows so that they naturally blend with your own hair.

Nayoung who has her own studio in New York grew up in South Korea where women emphasize and take great pride in skincare and aesthetics. Nayoung attended Christine Valmy International School to study skin care and she also participated in the Image Consulting Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). I felt very confident in her when she did my eyebrows, I’m not going to lie I felt a bit scared at first, but after reading her reviews on Yelp and seeing her work I knew she’d do an amazing job! Suffering from over plucking and “too lazy to fill in my eyebrows everyday” syndrome I gave Nayoung the green light to make my makeup routine easier by enhancing and improving my eyebrows.

I wanted to also share my experience with you guys so below is my interview with Nayoung and a short video showcasing the process:

What are some things we need to know about your micropigmentation services before going ahead with the procedure? 

1. I recommend you research the artist's style, technique and expertise. I would advise you to also check their portfolio and client reviews before you decide to see the artist.

2. You have to consider your skin type, this procedure is also not recommended for pregnant women or women who are nursing.

3. Check if you have upcoming events, like a vacation or a wedding because after the procedure you will need at least 5-7 days to heal! Don't worry though, they will still look natural, but it's not recommended to sweat, have facial treatment, swim or tan before the healing.

4. Make sure to not schedule close to your menstrual cycle, as we know our body get so sensitive within that time and a lot of blood circulation will affect pigment retention.

5. Do not use retinol or oil products at least 3 days before your appointment.

Once decided, how should the client show up to the appointment? 

I personally don’t mind that the client shows up with makeup so that I can see the client’s daily make up style and brow shape which helps me to find the best shape for each client’s feature. If the client has sensitive skin which can get red or swollen be sure to not have plans after the procedure.

You drew the shape of my eyebrows before numbing them for the procedure, why is that?

This is a big part of the consultation to catch what the client's needs are, I know some clients who feel very nervous about the procedure so I’d rather draw the eyebrow first so that the client feels more comfortable and knows what to expect with each session.

Why is preparing the eyebrows with numbing cream important? Does it hurt? 

Everyone has different skin types and pain tolerance, most client's feel comfortable during procedure, after the numbing cream.

What tattoo gun/needle do you use when doing semi permanent makeup?

At Beauty Artist, I use a customized digital machine from Germany which has a gentle vibration. Micropigmentation is new technology in the field of hair-pigmentation, the needle is extremely thin, sharp and flexible.

How do you typically choose the eyebrow color? 

We have to be sure to choose the shade that will blend in with the particular coloring of your natural features. Based on the client’s skin complexion, color of eyes and hair color/density.

On average, how long is the whole procedure?

It normally takes about 90-120 mins depending on client’s skin condition. Initial appointment includes consultation and initial application.

Once finished what are the after care processes and when does the client have to come back for a touch up?

Be sure to use after care products that I provide for at least 5-7 days in order to heal the brows.  Do not use oil and Vaseline products because oil affects the pigment and it will smudge your eyebrows. Try not to sweat for 3 days, avoid sun and swimming. After it is healed, client needs to come back after 6-8 weeks to get a touch up which is included in my price.

Once touch up is healed, how long does the color stay before needing to re-do them?

This depends on client’s skin type and life style. Generally the eyebrows last up to 10-18 months.

What happens after a year?

The strokes sort of blend and it ends up looking like a powder-filled brow more than it looks like distinct strokes. This all depends on the client's skin and how well it retains the pigment. I suggest a touch up every 6-8 months.

For more information, please visit Nayoung website HERE.


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