Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vacation: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Oh Mexico, you were lovely. A beautiful place was picked for a much needed vacation. 2016 was bad, but did you die? And did you ask yourself if you've overcame the struggles? Then I think we can both agree that if anything, 2016 made us stronger. Marissa and I embarked on this vacation to create content and slay and we did just that!

From the beach to the food, everything was perfect.

Restaurants I recommend are:

100% Natural - Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We hit this spot a few times for breakfast as it was conveniently located by our Airbnb and the famous 5th Avenida.

La Vagabunda - We, like all tourists, came across this restaurant by complete chance whilst shopping for souvenirs. Please do me a favor and try the sopa de mariscos! Marissa and I are still dreaming about it.

Zenzi - Okay so we didn't venture too far off from the tourist spots, but the food was amazing everywhere we went and at Zenzi the views matched. This was the place for a good and strong margarita by the water so I wasn't hating on how basic I was being.


Airbnb we stayed in: Mercedes was accommodating and super easy to access especially when we forgot what our safe lock code was, I blame the Tequila. This place was cozy and so close to all the action located on 5th Avenida.

Photos by +Chopsticks And Stilettos and myself.

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Jessica Dickerson said...

Yaaaaasssss!!! I love my Mexico! So glad Playa treated you so well. Looks like you had a great time! Love to see that big smile. And the suit only a Brazilian can get away with. <3 <3 <3 Also, props to the photographer on that windy, flowy shot. #curlsinaction