Thursday, December 29, 2016

NYE Dress Options

It’s that time again where we are debating what to wear for NYE; the outfit you’ll spend a fortune on that you’ll only wear once. Aside from the obvious reasons as to why you’d feel like you want to look good on this glorious evening of debauchery and no regrets, it’s a momentous night to remember so hell yes I want look like Sasha Fierce. In figuring out if I want to wear something practical or over the top, I came up with 3 choices that’ll have to pick between on NYE. I’m a person to plan ahead, last minute NYE shopping isn’t my idea of a good time. Online shopping is my go to method for dress shopping for events because well, lets face it, over crowded stores filled with shoppers alike doesn’t sound like a good time either. I like looking at things in an organized manner if the shop I’m buying from online exists in person, I’ll figure out where and try them on in store before buying. The options I have bestowed upon you are all from Boohoo, they always get me with their 50% off sale.

Depending on where you are going for NYE, you might want to consider the proper attire that best fits your environment. This year, much like last year I’m attending a warehouse party. Warehouse parties can be tricky as it’s probably not the most fanciest of locations to party, but in my experience the most nonconventional fun.

Things to consider if you’re going to a warehouse party:

· You’ll be dancing the night away on a cement floor, so COMFORTABLE shoes is a must.
· Small purse/clutch would be ideal because you’re probably not going to find a place to lay your stuff down (unless you got VIP access).
· Port-a-potty are kind of inevitable in a warehouse party, so always bring tissues for your eyes (since it’ll be cold) and in case the toilet paper runs out and trust me, it always does.
· Cash! Bring that SHIZ, god forbid your drunky a$$ forgets your debit/credit card at the bar.
· Warm coat that you don’t mind losing, it happens more than you think. I once did coat check one year and they didn’t do the tickets in numerical order and couldn’t find anyone’s coat, talk about nightmare (BangON!, NEVER AGAIN).

So with all that in mind, I think this year I’ve graduated to senior warehouse attendee. However now that I’ve reached level 10, this year will most likely be my last warehouse party. So I’ll live it up one last time before reverting to my grandma status ways. The older I get, the more I want to be the official brand ambassador for the infamous snuggie.

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