Thursday, August 25, 2016

Swimsuit Summarize

Every winter, I dream of summer... and when it finally comes, I take it for granted. This year, I was determined to fully appreciate the hot weather and go to the beach as many times as I could.

With every trip to the beach, I wore a one piece suit because it's not only flattering, but sexy too. I also am not a big fan of my stomach - I'm working on it at the gym and by drinking Teami Blends... It's just not up to my standards yet. - So my go-to swimsuit is a one piece, forever and always. I can eat junk food on the shore and not worry about looking like I have a 6-month-old-food-baby!

Here's a full run down on all of the beach sessions I had this summer:

American Apparel:

I have a few AA swimsuits because they know how to do a high rise! Pelvic cleavage is sorta my speciality -- haha!


When it comes to buying swimwear in NYC, ordering online is usually the only way. Most places don't really carry swimwear in the store, so when HM does I'm sure to hunt it down and snag one or two.

Forever 21:

I'm totally not a surfer, but this suit was calling my name when I saw it on Forever 21's website. The fishnet design at the top and the vivid blue drew me in immediately!

Nasty Gal:

If you have some extra room in your budget, Nasty Gal has some pretty dope swimsuits that are unique and edgy. I bought this American flag bathing suit a long time ago for Fourth of July and have worn it every year since.

Photographer: Zamie Casazola
Sunnies from: ZeroUV and NeonWild


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