Monday, June 20, 2016

Miami in Style

My husband and I took a trip to Miami recently to attend his 10 year High School Reunion and to also visit family. The trip started off hectic, we almost missed our flight and Delta misplaced our luggage. Despite the hurdles we had to maneuver across it ended up being okay in the end. We got together with a few friends and headed out to the Reunion and I enjoyed catching up with my husband's friends and chit chatting with new ones. Our outfits were found at Express, the jumpsuit I bought along side these heels looked perfect together. My husband, Zamie looked handsome in this blue suit paired with a brown belt and shoes from Aldo.

The Miami heat was beaming and the color scheme of our outfits certainly matched our surroundings. This colorful romper is from H&M and my shoes are from Payless, yes you read right they're so comfortable and inexpensive who would have thought!

My little yellow swimsuit cover up is also from H&M and my flip flops are Havaianas purchased in Brazil. I love when good finds match multiple outfits and last you a long time.

To keep my hair moisturized and frizz free even though I didn't mind some frizz for volume. I used a combination of 2 products, the Potion 9 by Sebastian Professional and Bounce Curl Crème Gel. I was recently introduced to Potion 9 when I went to Muze Salon for my color, Mona my hairstylist recommended me try it out and I was so impressed by the slip and hold. I used this for the past 5 days when it was time to style my hair and I gotta say I was shocked on how light yet effective it was. I have been missing out because this product has been out on the market for decades!!

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