Monday, June 27, 2016

Curl Fest 2016

This was my first ever Curl Fest event and it definitely will not be my last. Devri of and I scouted the premises of the reserved Prospect Park grounds where hair brands, clothing and accessories showcased their products.

I wore my new Boohoo dress which was the perfect outfit for a hot Summer day. I'm so glad I wore something light and airy because the sun was beaming and I was sweating! As you guys know, I'm obsessed with chocker's so when I saw this dress online I knew I had to have it. The lavender color was the perfect shade to go well with my light lavender Reeboks.

I was happy that I got to meet so many Instagram friends in real life, it's always fun seeing all the beauties you admire online in person. I also met so many new faces that came to me to say hi, I felt so honored that people even knew who I was. I am passionate about providing creative and personal content for my fellow curly hair chickas and it's fascinating to see how quickly people have gravitated towards my hair and regimen.

That goes to show you how the natural hair community are not only loyal, but exploding with new comers! I love that so many of us who felt weird and unhappy for rocking our natural textures have come to realize that our hair is beautiful and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Key things to bring to Curl Fest next year if you're thinking of going is:

-Cash (most vendors and food trucks were cash only)
-Picnic blanket
-Sunscreen (if you burn easy and because skin)
-Snacks (lines to get food were very long)

You may be in some of my photos I took when Devri and I walked around, the Dropbox links is HERE. Don't forget to credit me @stylefeen! See you guys next year fam!!

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