Thursday, June 16, 2016

Balayage Highlights With Mona Baltazar

I recently made an appointment to get some highlights done Balayage style with my favorite hairstylist, Mona at Muze Salon in NYC. As always I like to obsess over everything I'm indecisive about so this time it was bleach.

First off, what is Balayage, Balayage is a hair coloring technique designed to create very natural-looking highlights that grow out without developing a noticeable and obvious root.

Bleach the devil that sits next to the flat iron in hell are the two things in life that make my curls shake in fear. I vowed never to touch bleach and I vowed never to touch a flat iron when my curls regained their health back, but sometimes the need and want for something different over takes you and you can't deny yourself a little fun. Mona states that, "Color or bleach is nothing to fear. Do your research and be realistic with the color that you want, always be honest with your hairstylist about previous color that has been done to your hair. Already colored hair is more challenging than virgin hair (that has no color) to work with. For an example, box colors and black are harder to lift so make sure to get a consultation with a colorist or stylist that you feel confident would do an amazing job. Taking it slower is best for your hair, don't expect to be blonde over night."

So before you say YES to bleach, ask yourself is my hair healthy enough to endure bleach? Have I done my research? Do I have a great colorist? Am I being honest with myself and my colorist in reference to my hair history? And if you answered yes to all of the above than I think you are in the clear. Just remember to think about the future of your hair's health!

You'll want to start deep conditioning your hair religiously to regain what your hair has lost, so keep the extra maintenance in mind when deciding about bleach/color.

Here is a quick video on my experience at Muze Salon:

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