Monday, May 16, 2016

My Set Up/Snapchat Hands Free How To

Here is my humble makeup/hair and social media content creating station. My very kind husband helped me with hanging the curtain on the ceiling and my vanity table that's actually a baby changing table. If you follow me on Instagram/Snapchat you'll see quite a bit of content where I use my ring light.

My set up is simple, the ring light I have is the Interfit Ring Light that's 19inches sold at BH. It has a gooseneck so if you want to have it on a stand you can most definitely do that as well. I just like laying it against my wall to save room. The light is very powerful and I usually take my selfies with my iPhone's back camera, not the front selfie camera. The reason being is that the resolution on the front camera is very low and the images come out rather soft and the quality is poor. I also use my Sony RX100 III that has a flip out screen for selfies, the RX100 III has a chip called a sensor that makes up the image quality that's going to be about 8-10 bigger than your iPhone. So it's whatever you can afford and make the best of it to achieve the best results!

When doing videos for Snapchat that require me to use both my hands like a quick hair tutorial for instance. I use a technic that I did not discover myself, I found out how via the interwebs from Tech Insider! Here's how to Snapchat hands free:

---Open the Settings app and go to General---

-----Go to Accessibility, scroll down and click on Assistive Touch-----

-----Turn Assistive Touch on and click Create New Gesture-----

-----Press and hold with one finger in the center of the screen to let it record your touch. The blue bar at the bottom will fill up once the touch has been recorded-----

-----Save the gesture-----

-----OPEN Snapchat and click the gray circle on your screen-----

-----Then click Custom-----

------Then click on the gesture you saved------

-----Now you should see another gray dot. Drag it over Snapchat's record button and let go-----

Another cool thing to invest in is a Cellfy Smartphone Suction Cup Mount, this allows you to have your phone stand up on its own on a mirror when doing your hair or a porno whatever you're into.

There you have it! Follow me on Snapchat: HortenciaCaires and Instagram: @stylefeen I usually post my daily life, tutorials and curly hair tips!

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