Monday, March 28, 2016

Viva el Peru!!

I recently took a trip to Peru to visit my husband's family. We took 8 days off to throughly enjoy and hang out with everyone as much as possible. The weather much different than NYC was hot and very dry.


I was worried my hair was going to be a nest, but it turns out it did okay in the dry heat. Like any curly girl I was contemplating what products to bring and how much of it was going to be enough. Since I was checking in my bag I wasn't worried too much about quantity. I ended bringing Hask Shampoo and Conditioner with the Devacurl Supercream, Marc Anthony Hair Care Kinky Curls Conditioner and the Bounce Curl Gel. I figured I'd use either the Supercream or the Marc Anthony Conditioner with Bounce Curl Gel to style and switch off between the 2 creams. My diffuser ended up not working with the plugs they had and I was mortified, but it literally was so hot I just sat on the steps for 25 minutes outside the front porch and my hair was dry!! As much as a diffuser is convenient in the colder weather months, nothing beats air drying in the sun and using a hair pick for volume!


My husband and I stayed with his grandpa and family in Huaral which is a very small town that reminded me a lot of my own little town in Brazil. Huaral is located roughly about an hour and a half from Lima where the airport is. We stayed there most of our stay, but we made our way to MiraFlores and Lima to explore as well. I have to say MiraFlores is a lot nicer than the center of Lima, where the Government Palace is located. MiraFlores was really pretty and looked a lot like South Beach, definitely catering to the tourists who possibly want to relocate. The views were gorgeous and I loved seeing mountains which isn't what I usually get to see living in Brooklyn haha.

My husband's family were so sweet and threw me a little birthday party and I got to meet most of his family. They were all so generous and genuinely happy people who cared so much about family. They welcomed me in like their own and I felt so comfortable and enjoyed the endless excitement of seeing one another each day.

On my actual birthday date we went to see the Eco Truly Tour which is located about 20 minutes from Huaral called Chacra Y Mar. It was a nicely organized tour and the speaker spoke Spanish very slowly which helped me follow along.

Near Huaral there was also a place 20 minutes away called Chancay where the beach was and it was breathtaking. My husband indulged me in my photo taking addiction to shoot my new bathing suit from Lola Bikini, paired with my ZeroUV sunnies and thrifted high waist shorts.


Oh the food, I didn't leave one plate without it looking like I licked it clean. From the Ceviche to the Tacu Tacu, the food was delicious and I'm pretty sure I gained at least 5lb during my stay. My husband's family knows how to cook and every meal was tasteful and I devoured every plate like it was my last.

See you soon Peru, I loved my stay and I loved the people even more.

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