Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Curly Hair Recap

Can we talk about my curly hair for a second? As some of you know I've always struggled with my curls and it took a long time to finally understand it and learn how to love it. Every curly girl knows the struggle and it's definitely not something you learn overnight. I cut my hair about 2 months ago to get the cut that would allow me to have the volume and shape I've always wanted and I'm forever grateful to Mona at Muze Salon in NY. I was hunting down which products worked well with my hair because I have a lot of it and needed something to not only moisturize it, but define my curls by holding it as well. My current obsession with DevaCurl started when I found out about their Winter Curl Survival Kit which included the cleanser, one conditioner and the supercream (THE BEST THING EVER) I then decided to make the purchase. All those 3 products cost $72 and because it was in a kit form it was only $40 and I like me a deal, so if I were you I'd go buy this before it's no longer available! My review on those products are also on my Youtube Channel, check it out HERE.

Recently I decided to try out a new product that I found out about via Instagram called Bounce Curl. I'm usually not about the gel life, but because all the reviews online were amazing, I said I might as well try it out and I'm glad I did. In this new video I just posted on Youtube you'll see I used Bounce Curl (unfortunately they're sold out, but subscribe to their newsletter to know when they'll be back in stock) and Garnier Fructis Leave In Conditioner as a cream to hydrate and moisturize and the gel to define and give my curls the extra hold they need to provide me with 2 and 3 day hair! This video was more to show how I turn a more defined curl look into something bigger and more playful by using a hair pick which can be found at your local beauty shop for a few bucks. Hair pick's are a must have tool to add volume and to achieve a perfect shape. Embrace your curls people!!! And if you're trying to re-start with heat damaged hair due to straightening and blow drying? CUT OFF the dead ends, there is NO product that can help heat damage. I had to cut off all my hair twice to achieve healthy hair because clearly I needed to learn the lesson of embracing my curls more than once. I understand your pain and curly hair is work, but it's NOT boring and it IS sexy.

PS. Embrace the frizz.

Haircut: MONA at Muze Salon (use my nickname, TEZZ for 20% off)
Camera: Sony RX100 III (for both video and stills)

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