Monday, August 3, 2015

Seaside Heights

Last weekend I finally had Sunday off so I got to plan a little mini weekend getaway at Sea Side Heights with my husband and our friend Aaron. It was exactly what I needed to get away from it all and now I can't stop thinking about the beach. Between the breeze, the sand between my feet and food I was super happy. Thankfully my husband indulged me in my photo taking obsession. I was impressed with the quality of the Sony RX100 III, which offers so much quality for something so small and compact. I had my professional full frame camera the Sony a7 II with me, but used the RX100 III the whole time because the quality was good enough for what I was doing. Plus the flip out LCD screen for selfie needs and size was perfect for traveling. I hope to be dipping my feet in some salt water sooner rather than later though, it's hard planning things without having a 2 day weekend. New York is most definitely NOT known for nice beaches, especially coming from Brazil and Florida, to me NYC beaches are a joke. So traveling to the Jersey Shore was a must to obtain a Instagram worthy beach pictures haha. I can't wait to go to travel to my homeland, Brazil in September!! Instagram watch out!!

Visor: Style Feen Shop

Photographer: Zamie Casazola

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