Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Under the Grey Layers

Here with Jeanne from Grey Layers who I've been working with for a while now. Jeanne who is a blogger based in New York has an amazing style. Along side my interview with her, I wanted to showcase my recent photographs of her for her blog. So here we go!

Who you be? Where you from? Whatcha doing?

I'm Jeanne Grey of GreyLayers. Originally from the Philippines, I moved to the States when I was 14. I have a bachelors degree in healthcare management and an associates in General science but my heart and soul belong to Fashion and my blog. I am a full time fashion blogger and style consultant.

I know this question has been asked a thousand times, but when did you start blogging? How have you differentiated yourself from the rest?

I started blogging April of 2014. It all started on Tumblr and rolled over to Instagram. People didn't believe that I didn't have a blog ( though I really didn't at that time.), so I started one up and maintained it from there until it grew into a career I never knew I would love to be doing! I pride myself in my content. There are so many bloggers out in the field that don't even write anymore, or pay a copywriter to write for them. I think my content quality is what makes me stand out amongst the school of fishes in the sea of blogging.

Grey Layers, how did you decide on that name for your blog?

People used to ask what I did/ who I was/ if I was a model. I for one didn't have an answer for them. Because not knowing who I truly was or what I wanted while just doing what was popular at the time left me to be very very lost. Wearing 26 inched extensions and 5 inched dresses while secretly having the personality of Twiggy and secretly wanting to try on Culottes because I always thought they were tremendously chic, I was judged for all the wrong reasons. So I created GreyLayers which means, my layers and what truly makes me, me. Taking off the extensions and the short dresses and embracing the short hair I've always wanted to rock and the outfits that I've always thought to be cute but never thought anyone would like has ended up giving me a career.

What's on your playlist right now? Who are you jamming to on your way to meetings and shoots?

Not gonna lie, I've been replaying the 50 shades of Grey soundtrack. The movie was a complete fail but the playlist is pretty good. Also, I LOVE Trippy Turtle and Mr. Carmack.

What's your go to blogs/sites for blogspiration and outfit choices, who should we be following?

I read a lot of magazines, I don't really have tons of blogspirations except Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three.

Now that you've official gone GREY for the blog, what are some products to keep your hair healthy that you've found does wonders for processed hair?

I use JOICO purple shampoo and conditioners to balance the Grey in my hair. I also swear by Schwarzkopf products! They keep my hair smooth and soft even after it being processed. Lastly, I take Biotin once a day to keep it volumized after the thinning due to the bleach.

Like Drake does you keep your circle small, you're not with different crews. Unfortunately the fashion industry is a dog eat dog world, how do you deal with the crazies?

I keep my circle extremely small. You did it without them and got to where you're at just fine, you certainly don't need them now. Quality over quantity. I have a good handful of people I trust. Otherwise, it's all business.

What's the best advice someone has given you?

One of the best advices someone has given me was: Doig what you hate sucks. Doing what you love rules. Something you hate, dropping you and forcing you to do something you love is actually a pretty awesome situation. My good friend told me this right after a terrible situation that turned out to be the best thing that happened to me and my career.

Lastly, what's next for GREY LAYERS!?

I'm looking at designer partnerships in the next few months and the launch of my app :) All exciting things!