Monday, March 16, 2015

My Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Move To NY!

My top sarcastically awesome reasons as to why you should move to New York. As hard as this city is to live in, it's also extremely hard to leave. All good things come with a price and New York sure makes you pay the piper and bend over a few times before you can really appreciate everything she does and who she is. Along side my 10 reasons, I wanted to show you my recent look which took place on the rooftop of my studio. Going for a business casual look, I threw on a shoulder padded blazer to give it a 80's vibe.

1. Transportation - So you know when you're drunk at 5am and can't really drive because, well that's fucked up? Subways, buses and easy access taxis are a life saver! Surprisingly the cost of a monthly unlimited subway/bus pass is definitely cheaper than car payments, gas and car insurance per month.

You got things like Uber, Lyft and black/yellow/green taxis to help a sista out when the initial idea of beasting 15 blocks with 12 bags of groceries isn't such a great one anymore.

Yes the MTA stays trying our lives by having train delays, but that chick ain't that bad. I wanna say I wanna punch and curse the MTA to death at least 3 times a week, but that's our version of road rage.

2. Nightlife - Remember when you were drunk at 5am? YA not in any bar, lounge or club in Florida. Most states close shop at 4am, but not New York that hoe got bags under her eyes for a reason, she don't sleep.

I'm not talking boogie clubs that cost your whole months rent to get in and then another months rent for drinks. I'm talking after hours, I'm talking underground scenes. For every 4 blocks you walk either in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens there's a bar and there's a party happening.

The variety here is insane. So many things to do that won't break the bank, but if you have a piggie bank to break there's places for you too.

3. Expressing your individuality – If you’re a fun person with a side of crazy; New York takes you as you are. You can feel free to be YOU and not be judged for it. Crazy doesn't faze us. Jerk off on the subway; we won’t look. Wear outrageous statement-making outfits; we don’t care. Make out with your grandma; we don’t judge. New York is perfectly fine with you expressing yourself in art, dance, religion or sexuality ‘cause New York doesn't care.

4. FOOD/CAFES/SIGHTS TO SEE - Aside from being the pizza loving city that we are, we have some of the best restaurants, cafes and places to see. From museums to latte art, you'll question your life’s purpose. New York is filled with so many cultural places that you’ll feel like you belong- no matter what your background may be.

If you're hungry at weird hours of the night, have no fear there’ll be a place open guaranteed! New York knows you’re a hard working individual that doesn't sleep, so NYC doesn't sleep either.

5. BECAUSE PIZZA – Ya I said it, move for the pizza alone. We have the most top rated must try pizza spots in the country. Here’s a few:

Lombardi’s Pizza
Roberta’s Pizza
Prince St. Pizza

6. LACK OF SPACE – So we like living in shoe boxes. Limitations lead to creativity. For the least amount of space, move to Manhattan! For the same price you can get a slightly larger shoe box, and more than one cat! Just kidding! (But for real though.) Living in small spaces makes for a hoard-free environment. Who can hate on that?

7. Entertainment – There’s no such thing as a regular day in NYC! You could be walking to the train to get to work and get catcalled by a guy - running in front of a car - to tell you about his mommy issues. There’s the daily subway entertainment like “WHAT TIME IS IT? SHOW TIME!” Talented drummers, singers and your daily dose of Maury. You’ll never be bored.

8. Weather – We actually go through all four seasons here. You can witness the leaves change from green to yellow to brown -in the few trees we have left… ‘cause who needs clean air? Inhaling pollution makes for a tougher immune system. This comes in handy when you have to endure those colds in our bitter winters. New York doesn't believe in being half-assed. We like our winters cold AF and our summers sizzling.

9. Stay Looking Sexy –
Who needs a gym? Although we do have tons of them, walking everywhere is what brings those sexy legs. If you can’t afford transportation, WALK. Everything in New York is so close together, that even though it may seem like daunting task, it’s feasible. From the corner store 3 blocks away to the subway steps (that’ll have you outta breath) exercise is happening even when you don’t want it. For the amount of midnight snacks you eat you’d be looking rather obese in Florida, but not here! You’ll easily burn that carton of ice cream you inhaled last night.

10. Fashion – There are thousands of small boutiques you can only find here in New York. Get things on the cheap at your local Chonga store or find the cutest little dress at the thrift store walking distance from where you are. Fashion is everywhere and people freely express themselves with clothing. (Or without! FREE THE NIP!) Being one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world, New York is known for being one-of-a-kind in the fashion world. Many creative and fashion-forward people reside and work here.

Blazer: Forever21
Necklace: Rocksbox
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Aldo

OUTFIT Photographer: Mike Matos

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