Monday, March 9, 2015

Muscle Tee

Now that my hair is long enough to do a half ass bun. I was feening for a braid to rock and asked a hairstylist to do it for me. I wasn't in love with how it came out, but figured I'd rock it because it was a different look.

Green being one of my favorite colors, I paired this crop top muscle tee with my pleated high waist pants that I adore! I wish I had 10 different colors so I can match it with everything I own. It's such a flattering and comfortable pair of pants from American Apparel. Thankfully I lucked out and found these at the Bedford Crossroads Thrift store on the cheap cheap.

Tee: H&M
Pants: American Apparel
Belt: Urban Outfitters

Photographer: Jeanne of GreyLayers