Monday, March 30, 2015

Coachella Inspired

I'm at it again with my jumpsuit action, jumpsuits are so effortless and that's why I appreciate them! Sometimes thinking of an outfit hurts my head and jumpsuits is kinda an all in one deal. I've been gearing up for all the Coachella styles and I think this look fits the bill. I'm going to LA in April for the first time ever and I'm ecstatic! I can't wait to see a beach, hike, go to Joshua Tree and get dirty in the dessert. I'll be styling this jumpsuit for my friend, Mike who not only shot these pics for me but also who I'll be hiking the dessert with.
WHO wants to play in LA?


Jumpsuit: H&M
Shoes: SpyLoveBuy

Photographer: Mike Matos

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