Monday, December 15, 2014


My ass was slacking hitting the gym for a good two weeks. I've been working overtime and the lack of energy has gotten me to become lazy with working out and eating right. I've always been really frustrated with my stomach, but lately I've had bloating problems that won't go away. I decided to finally be proactive about it and stop eating heavy carb foods like rice and pasta which I eat too much of. It's been over a week of no heavy carbs and just chicken, salad, veggies, fish and fruits and I've noticed a HUGE difference in my stomach. I guess I'm sensitive to heavy carbs, that or my fat ass was obviously eating too much at a time. Aside from eating right, I'm back at kickboxing class and will continue on being better about eating right and working out. I do sometimes fall off the healthy wagon, but I have to remember that I just need to look at the end goal and the end goal is abs and endless supplies of crop tops. When I finish with my kickboxing classes, I'm thinking of trying out hot yoga I hear it's really good. Whatever the workout will be I'm showing up to the gym in style wearing all my Nike gear, how about you guys? Do you have a favorite workout gear brand?

Workout Gear: Nike via Modells
Shoes: New Balance

Photographer: Faye Queano

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