Monday, October 6, 2014

Fave Beauty Products

These beauty shots were taken with all the products mentioned except the nude lip and it's been on for 10 hours! No touch ups either! Primer is ideal to make your makeup stay on longer, blend better and glide on smoother. It's the first thing I apply to achieve an all day look no matter what!

1. Primed and Poreless from Too Faced --- This is my favorite primer, before putting anything on I put this primer on to make sure everything stays on all day.

2. Shadow Insurance from Too Faced --- After putting on primer I apply this shadow insurance on my eyelids and under eyes before putting on my foundation to insure my eyeliner/eyeshadow/under eye foundation is locked in for the whole day.

3. Dream Liquid Mousse from Maybelline in Nude Beige --- So I only put foundation on my eyelids and under eyes regardless if I'm going out or having a casual day, I don't like the feeling of my face fully with foundation. I've been using Maybelline foundation for a few years and it's light and inexpensive!

4. Color Wheel from NYC -- I use this as a light coverage powder.

5. Color Wheel from NYC Bronzer -- After the light coverage powder I move on to a bronzer and I love these because they're light and not to mention affordable!

6. Gimme Brow from Benefit --- THE BEST brow mascara I've ever tried. I have brow pencils, but this brow mascara makes it easy to achieve the perfect brow. It fills in my brow and I get the darkest color because I love dark brows and it goes really well with my hair color.

7. Liquid Eyeliner Pen from Stila --- When I want a cat eye this is the best liquid eyeliner pen that stays on all day and is super easy to apply. I'm horrible at doing cat eyes on myself and this has made it possible for me to finally achieve it, although I still find myself taking 15minutes perfecting it.

8. Oscillation Vibrating Mascara from Lancome --- I've tried many mascaras like most of you have and this is as Drake once said THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD. It's a little on the expensive side, but it lasts a while so its an investment I'm willing to indulge in. It has a button where it vibrates the wand and it gives you the fullest eyelashes with every application.

9. Suede Berry from Limecrime --- Limecrime is my newest obsession, it's such great quality and easy to apply for my makeup challenged self.

10. Nude Lipstick from Buxom --- This nude lipstick is perfect and it has a tingly sensation feeling which keeps lips full and sexy.

Hopefully you guys appreciated my fave beauty product post! All these products I swear by and use daily. What are some of your favorite products that you can't live without?

Nose Ring: VidaKush

Photographer: Myself :)

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