Thursday, August 14, 2014

Park Fun Ft. Thug the Pug

What's hotter than a pair of boyfriend jeans? It's comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I've been feening for a new pair for Fall, preferably in a darker color to go with more things! So on this particular day, we took Thug the Pug to the park and shot a few shots of my outfit to showcase a more dress up, but still very much casual look with these jeans. Also check out this adorable tee Red Light PR sent me from a company called Custom Ketchup. Custom Ketchup is the creation of an 8 year old artist who designs unique premium t-shirts that are sold in top Los Angeles boutiques.

Jeans: Gojane
Sunglasses: ZeroUV 
Ft. Thug the Pug

Photographer: Zamie Casazola


Anonymous said...

Where did you get those shoes? They are perfect, wear with everything kind of shoes! They look great on you! You make everything look good girl!!
Love following your blog and outfits. You have a very unique fashion that breaks the mold. It is very refreshing to see! Best of luck and keep them coming!

HortenciaCaires said...

Thank you so much!! I appreciate the love :) The shoes I borrowed from a friend, they're definitely versatile, but painful haha :(