Thursday, July 10, 2014

Knife Party

Cut ya like a dagger, cut you on your face. My words are powerful like the knife on your lips. Stay away from sharp objects that betray. Watch your back, watch your step. People wanna stab you in your back. Cross my heart, dot my eyes I promise I won't let you slide. Back stabbed. On the ground. Staying strong. Won't back down. I rise. I conquer. Those behind me aren't stronger. Look ahead, it's not over yet. I fight till the end. The end is near. Sword up. Head straight. Staying positive is the way.

Swim: Tavik
Knife necklace/earrings: Max Steiner
Shoes: SpyLoveBuy

Photographer: Briana Elledge


Anonymous said...

your rapping fucking sucks

Clair-n-Kitty said...

i had to totally check this post out cause the dagger jewelry just blew my mind! amazing!!!

Juana Wright said...

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