Tuesday, June 24, 2014

She Pop Tags She Feens

You a feen?
Ima feen
Lets get it lets get it

Damn girl that ass lookin outta control
You straight from them fashion magazines
Lookin mean like a pretty dream
You flyer than Bugatti
And I see you gettin money cuz you lookin like a style feen


Back to the track
With a swag like that (yep yep)
Fly ass jeans
With my hat like that

Yo girl?
Ima take it down break it down and make her sound like that
Like what like love
Yep yep
That boy can flow like a dove
Whats that
Thats smooooooth

That ass is out control doe
Straight from magazine pro yo
She tan and she long legged

She twerkin it she workin it
She pop tags she feens it

I know she want it
I know she do

She flyer then she flyer then Bugatti
Straight from them fashion magazines lookin mean like a pretty dream

Outfit: Necessary Clothing

Photographer: ihateblonde
Song by: Brian Walsh

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Tomas Luker said...

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