Monday, June 2, 2014

Fresh as a Flower

Who doesn't like a good flowy pair of pants? I'm not big on the parachute pants aka the flare/wide leg pants, you know the pants from A Goof Movie? No? Okay the pants that look like if you were ever to jump off a plane, you'd survive because the holes on the bottom would flare out and help your landing. Haha. All jokes aside, I'm not a big fan, but these were a little different and I liked them! Never say no to something unless you've tried it people! I like the slits in the middle it adds a nice flow to your walk. The floral pattern is also beautiful for Spring/Summer seasons. When the weather gets nice, I like to wear more colorful and bright colors it kinda goes with the beautiful weather I think. Although black will always be for all seasons no matter what.

It's been a great week! I'm trying to think positive and stay away from negativity. The more I dwell on shitty thoughts, the worse my mood becomes. I've learned the only way to overcome this is to rid all the negative people and things in your life. One step at a time in the right direction is key to a better lifestyle. It was a pleasure to shoot with Britanny for this look, I love how she photographs! I think they came out amazing.

Outfit: Urban Outfitters
Jewelry: H&M
Shoes: Dailylook

Photographer: Britanny Taylor

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